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Ten Points to Remember in Zambia tobacco industry

  1. Growing tobacco when you are not registered is not allowed.
  2. Buying of tobacco without a Tobacco Buyers License issued by TBZ is a serious offence and, once found, you are likely to lose your money or investment.
  3. Selling and buying of tobacco at non designated premises or non-approved tobacco sales floors is an offence and, if found, you are likely to lose your tobacco, money and investment.
  4. Sponsored farmers are advised to ensure that they sale their crop to their Licensed sponsors. Side selling of tobacco is not allowed in Zambia.
  5. Sponsors are advised to utilize stop-orders to recover their loans.
  6. Exchange of tobacco with other commodities is not allowed as the owner of tobacco does not realize the actual value of tobacco.
  7. Exporting and importing of tobacco without an export or import permit is a very serious offence.
  8. Farmers who grow tobacco should plant 100 % of the number of trees that they utilize in tobacco production and curing.
  9. Tobacco pests and disease control chemicals should be kept away from reach of the persons.
  10. Smoking by underage and in public is not permitted in Zambia.


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