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Tobacco is s controlled crop, as such, all Growers have to be registered. Registration activities carried out by Tobacco Board of Zambia include the following:

  • All tobacco Growers should register with TBZ according to the Act of Parliament (Part V, Section 26, sub section 1, Cap 237)
  • There are two broad categories of tobacco growers:
    • Independent growers
    • Contracted growers (Sponsored)
  • The following categories of Grower Numbers are allocated:
    • VZ Numbers to FCV Growers
    • BUZ Numbers to Burley Growers
    • FCZ Numbers to DFC Growers
  • All farmer information is collected on registration forms
  • Registration period is as follows:
    • Normal registration 1st April to 31st October
    • Late registration 1st November to 31st December
  • TBZ is the sole authority in the Republic that allots new Grower Numbers and has the authority to renew Grower Numbers.
  • TBZ also licences Buyers, Sales Floor Managers and Graders


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